Download Free Premium SEO Pack 3.1.8 – WordPress Plugin

Download Free Premium SEO Pack 3.1.8 - WordPress Plugin

Download Free Premium SEO Pack 3.1.8 – WordPress Plugin – CodeCanyon. Premium SEoPack’s powerful SERP Rank Tracking Module retrieves search engine rankings for pages and keywords and saves them for easy comparison later.

Adding keywords to the tracking module is so easy, just select them from your focus keywords or add them manually! Also, you can track up to 5 competitors!

Also, we’ve added another module, this is website statistics! You can compare the evolution of your website between 2 dates and choose (or not) to include competitors as well as.

The first stat is your website score (let’s say for keywords entered for a specific search engine, and it is based on an algorithm than that searches your website’s pages and keywords in the top 5.

Premium SEO Pack for WordPress

Most WordPress features work as well as out of the box and are probably the most popular content management system on the planet.

However, site owners usually need to work with WordPress to optimize their site for speed and search engine optimization.

Premium SEO Pack for WordPress is the ultimate tool for optimizing your website for today’s search engines. The Premium SEO Pack contains some of the features you can expect to find in dozens of WordPress plugins, and it has unique features you can’t find anywhere else.

Full feature list:

  • Work as a plugin on any WordPress install (3.8+)
  • Depending on the module manager, you need to enable the modules to work


  • Google Analytics – Even this tool provides a user-friendly dashboard than that lets you monitor important aspects of your site’s performance from within your WordPress admin area.
  • 404 Monitor – You can see what URLs refer visitors to 404 pages, how many hits they have, and redirect them to another page.
  • SERP Tracking – SERP Tracking – Search Engine Results Page Reporter – Compare Keep an eye on your competitors!
  • Google Page Speed Insights module – The Google Page speed Insights module measures the performance of a page for desktop devices and mobile devices. You can test page speed on multiple pages at once, mass test speed pages or one by one and view scores on desktops and mobiles and see a full report.
On-Page Optimization
  • People optimization – You can customize all your posts/pages at once using this premium feature!
  • Local SEO – Using our new local SEO module, you can now rank your website locally and on Google Maps in no time! Local customers can find you using our local SEO module!
  • Page optimization – Customize your pages / posts one-by-one directly on the post / page! It works on categories and any other custom taxonomy
  • Titles and Meta Formats – Uses defined page tags for a custom page title, meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots, and social meta homepage, posts, pages, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, archives, authors, searches, 404 pages, and page layouts.
  • Sitemap – Sitemap automatically makes our module trough
  • Video Sitemap – Sitemap is automatically generated in Video Sitemap
  • SEO Slug Optimizer – The Slug Optimizer removes common words from a post or page slug.
  • SEO Friendly Images – Automatically update all images with the appropriate ALT and heading properties
  • Google Author – Make your content feel personal! Link your content to your Google+ profile!
Turn off-page optimization
  • Removed Backlink Builder – Add your link to thousands of different website directories that automatically provide your free backlinks
  • Link Builder – Improve your site’s internal link building.
  • 301 Link Redirect – Useful for any permalink changes
  • Social Statistics – Keep an eye on the size of your social network
Advanced setup
  • File editing – Lets you edit robots.txt and .htaccess files.
  • W3C Validator – Mass Check your pages / posts / custom taxonomy markup (HTML, XHTML, . . . . ).
  • SEO Insert Code – Add custom code to <head> and wp_footer
  • Media Smushit – For this module, we use the Smush.ET API which lets you customize the images on the website without changing their appearance or visual quality.
  • Removed Facebook Planner – The Facebook Planner module lets you publish your website data directly to your Facebook profile /page/group Twitter Cards
Plugin setting
  • Module Manager – Allows you to enable/disable modules
  • Ability – Allows you to specify specific permissions for different categories of users
  • Setup / Backup – Install Default Configuration, Import SEO Settings from Other SEO Plugins, Backup Current Settings
  • Server Status – Server status allows you to see what modules are active if they are configured correctly, and then
  • Remote Support – If you are having trouble with the plugin it allows you to have secure access to install your WordPress

Download Free Premium SEO Pack 3.1.8 – WordPress Plugin


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