Electro v5.0 – Gadgets & Digital Responsive Shopify Theme

Download Free Electro v5.0 - Gadgets & Digital Responsive Shopify Theme

Electro – Gadgets & Digital Responsive Shopify Theme Download Free v5.0 – ThemeForest. Electro is a clean, modern, user-friendly, responsive and functional theme with a vertical menu especially for your Shopify gadgets and digital store. We put a lot of love and effort into creating this theme and we sincerely hope you develop this theme. You will enjoy using as much time as you like.

Notice of the latest version

This is a major update, which means that if a website currently using this theme wants to be updated to this new version, instead of updating it directly with a code change, this version will need to be installed as a completely new package.

Dynamic homepage category list

  • Separator: Create space between categories, and tittle section
  • Slideshow sections: Support video and image photos
  • Image gallery with multi-style, hover effects, custom layout
  • Logo List: Add a list of logo images
  • Policies: Custom content with specific formats
  • Collection list: A list of collection categories
  • Product Grid: Display a grid of product items with multi-style hover effect selection, row or carousel layout, padding options, . . .
  • Product Listing: Display the product as a list
  • Recently viewed products
  • Single product
  • Custom Content: Custom content format with dynamic options

Full-featured list

  • Layout Box and Wide – Box mode: 1280px and 1440px
  • RTL build in
  • Loading idle images
  • Arena font icon integrated
  • Full Page Categories: Homepages, Collections, Blogs, Cart . . . . .
  • Advantage typography with Shopify fonts.
  • Shopify Review Integration
  • Multiple title designs: Flexible heading positions, Sticky header setup and options, Unlimited Mega Menu, Mobile Menu . . . .
  • Build-in wishlist and free arena wish list and compare the Shopify app
  • Build quick View
  • Catalog mode
  • Unlimited layout collection
  • Prefetch page templates with specific block formates
  • Define product templates
  • Build inlive Ajax Search
  • Build-in multi-currency support
  • EU Cookies Policy Notice – GDPR compatibility
  • Newsletter Popup – Supports MailChimp
  • Always up to date

Download Free Electro v5.0 – Gadgets & Digital Responsive Shopify Theme

Demo:        https://themeforest.net/item/electro-gadgets-digital-responsive-shopify-theme/16544295

Download Link:        http://www.mediafire.com/file/8nacrwut0c1i6me/electroshopify40.rar/file



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