Download Free Koble 2.2.2 - Business Email Set

To make sure you get the best possible results in your customer inbox. We fix the code and keep it updated. Due to the email design is quite limited, we noticed that any template beyond the 200 modules is mostly just a duplicate format, change color, or switch to text alignment. So we try to focus on improving the quality of the code instead of adding more copy/paste designs;). Download Free Koble Business Email Set.


  • Learn more about SR by template maker at StampPre.NET
  • Commenting HTML.
  • Sketch file for original template 5-14
  • 8 notification formats (v 1.7a)
  • Over 200 unique modules from all templates.
  • All in-1 templates include 166 modules (not container container format)
  • All in-One 2 templates were particularly vulnerable to 41 modules from 3 major templates to
  • container layout
  • 15 unique main template designs, plus 8 unique notifications!
  • Invoice template for your business
  • No need to use the builder for any purchase code, just import our compatible file, done!
  • Flexible table structure with new hybrid coding style
  • Responsive to your mobile device. (Native email app is best)
  • Support 3 major email applications: GOS, Outlook, Yahoo Two iOS, and Android.
  • Also responsive in Yahoo Mail app and Outlook Mail app on mobile devices and stacking
  • properly in the Gmail app.
  • Try sending directly to the demo page
  • Capable of storing your modified template for future use in Stampede Builder
  • Compatible with FreshMail
  • Transformation-centered design
  • Improved harmful compression for all PNG, JPG images (PNG reduction, JPG file size 70%)
  • Compatible with the great WordPress plugin Melster (MIME).
Package Included

  • Campaign Monitor – Include Campaign Monitor Tags: Single Line, Multiline, Editable, Repeater, Formatting. You can edit the text/image content and replicate/align the modules, CM does not have style customization function for custom HTML template so I recommend using SR editor and exporting CM.
  • Mailchimp – Include Melchimp Tags: MC: Edit, MC: Repeatable, MC: Hideable MC: Variants. If you want to edit the text/image content and iterate / align the modules for the template style, I suggest using the SR editor and export it for use with MC.
  • Regular HTML – No MailChimp or Campaign MonitorTAG.
  • Photoshop File – All layers of the file are consistent with name and group and color labels.
  • Sketch File – A file for a popular design for graphic design that includes original 5-14 design for graphic design.
  • Documentation – Includes how to monitor campaigns and upload them to Mailchimp. FAQ section
  • Master (Mile) – HTML file. Schedule for the plugin
  • Stampede – HTML file for use with the Stampeddy service. You can customize the template and export it with another compatible ESP.

Download Free Koble 2.2.2 – Business Email Set


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