Download Free Opt-In Panda v2.3.0 for WordPress Plugin

Download Free Opt-In Panda v2.3.0 for WordPress Plugin. Opt-In Panda locks a section of content on a webpage by hiding or blurring it and asks the visitor to enter their email address (Opt-In) to unlock your content.

In other words, it gives viewers an instant access to your valuable content (eg downloads, discounts, videos and so on) right now.

Boost converting audiences between customers and customers

Hide your premium content behind an option form and watch your email subscription rates burst through the roof. Easily create in-content freebies and serve them to your customers only.

With Opt-In Panda, you will be able to

  • Transform audience customers effectively and easily.
  • Create large mailing lists on MailChimp, Aweber, GetRepawn (and other services).
  • Send more emails and increase your revenue.
  • Learn more about your website visitors (name, social profile).
Single Opt-In, double-opt-in and fast email confirmation

You only decide which mode works best with the plugin works equally well with single opt-in (without email confirmation) and double opt-in (with email confirmation) modes.

We’ve done our best to make the double opt-in email confirmation process as quick and enjoyable as possible

Gone are the days when you had to send your customers a confirmation page. Now your visitors will need to make only a few simple clicks, following the instructions present after submitting the form to confirm their emails.

Add a subscriber directly to your favorite mailing service

Opt-In Panda integrates directly with all major mailing services and plugins: MailChimp, Aviber, SendGrid, Active Campaign, GetResponse, MileMail, MailStar, Accumobile, Sendi, Sendmail, Send an email, Sandy, SG Autorepondiur.

Supports any transaction mailing services (for example, Mandrill, Postmark, Melzer, Amazon SES) and SMTP after installing a unique WordPress plugin.

We’ve constantly added more email marketing providers to the plugin. Furthermore, the plugin saves all emailed contacts locally to the database.

If you use any other mailing service, you can easily export your contacts from opt-in panda to your mailing service at any time.

Subscribe to visitors and learn from your audience via Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn

Aside from the subscription through the classic opt-in form, the plugin offers visitors the option to subscribe via social networks.

When users subscribe via social networks, Locker will extract some personal data (name, social profile). This data provides a better understanding of your visitors and visitors to your website.

For each social button, you can configure additional actions that should be performed when the user clicks on the social button.

Unlimited custom fields to meet your business needs (new!)

Custom fields are a great way to customize your opt-in panda forms for your specific business needs.

Need to ask your visitor’s phone number or address? No problem! You can create custom text boxes (with/without input masks), dropdown lists, checkboxes and more.

And more powerful features

Zapier integration. Send the data you collect with your locker to Zapier, and then automatically send it to thousands of supported web applications in zapier.

Works with caching plugins. If you use W3 Total Cache or any other caching plugin, the opt-in panda will work without any problems.

SEO friendly. Your locked content is still visible in search bots for better SEO by default, of course, you can turn off this feature.

4 types of locks. Manually lock any content via shortcode or setup batch lock via 3 powerful modes (“Quick and Lock”, “More Tags”, CSS Selector”).

Optimized for mobile. We’ve adapted the plugin for mobile devices. Mobile users can access your locked content as well as desktop users.

Smart Targets. Set your locker to display specific high traffic pages on your website. Show locker only for registered viewers or PC users.

Delayed content. Only load your locked content via Ajax (dynamically) when the user likes or shares your page. Suitable for loading promo codes.

Loading faster This Plugin is well optimized and does not add extra burden to your website. Confirmed by testing of P3 Plugin and New Relic.

The developer is friendly. Use plugin events (unlock, lock, ready) and hooks to customize and create your own extensions.

Download Free Opt-In Panda v2.3.0 for WordPress Plugin


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