Cool Timeline Pro v3.3 – WordPress Timeline Plugin

Download Free Cool Timeline Pro v3.3 - WordPress Timeline Plugin
Cool Timeline Plugin for WordPress (create horizontal, vertical and blog post timelines)

Cool Timeline Pro v3.3 – WordPress Timeline Plugin Download Free. Cool Timeline Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that displays your life history timeline or your organization’s story timeline in a horizontal or vertical chronological order based on the date of your post. Creating a timeline theme is a good plugin. You can convert your blog posts into a blog timeline using this Cool Timeline Template Creator plugin.

Cool Timeline Pro’s Cool feature

  • 40+ timeline designs
  • Cool Timeline Pro offers 4 timeline formats.
  • Color and Typography: – Cool Timeline Pro provides advanced settings panel to easily manage timeline visibility settings, background/timeline elements color and font/typography style and color options.
  • Videos, Images, and Sliders: – You can easily display a slideshow of small and large images; YouTube / Vimeo videos and images inside Cool Timeline Pro. You can easily add them when adding a timeline story.
  • Custom color options for each story: – When adding stories to Cool Timeline Pro; you can supply different colors for different stories; meaning you can easily create a multi-color timeline using this advanced custom color feature provided by Cool Timeline Pro…
  • Multiple Timelines: – You can create multiple timelines on one website based on different categories using the Cool Timeline Pro WordPress plugin. You can display these timelines in any format (vertical/horizontal) or design.
  • Easily add shortcodes using smart generators: – If you use the classic code editor inside WordPress when adding a new page or post; you can easily add shortcodes to any page as well as your code editor using the smart shortcode generator tool.
  • Gutenberg / Elementor / WPbakhari: – Easily add timelines via Gutenberg Block; Elementor or WPBakery First publish one-by-one stories You can easily display these stories in a timeline format as well as a page creator: – Gutenberg Eclipse Blocs, Eklonger.
  • Custom Label / Text: – Display custom label instead of date Cool Timeline Pro provides a feature to show custom text in the timeline instead of date/time. When adding a timeline story, you can easily add custom text and a custom store order through the general settings.

  • ASC / DESC Order: – Timeline in any order The ASC / DESC timeline shortcode provides an option to show the timeline in any order, you can display the downward or downward order as per your requirement.
  • Category Filter: -Show filters in the timeline You can display a category based filter on a timeline; the user can view different category based timelines on a page by selecting a filter/category.
  • Post Timeline: – Blog Posts Timeline You can display blog posts on your website in a timeline format on any page; using the Cool Timeline Pro. You can also present any post-type in the Timeline layout by simply adding a post-type slug to the timeline shortcode.
  • Ajax Load More / Pagination: – Ajax Extensions and Page Stage Support provide both Cool Timeline Pro features – Load pages and more. If you have a lot of stories inside your timeline, you can add pages or load more buttons after a certain number of stories in your timeline.
  • Scrolling Navigation: – Short scrolling navigation You can display small scrolling navigation on your Timeline page for quick timeline navigation. A user can quickly and easily reach a certain year’s story by navigating this short timeline.
  • Timeline Icons: – Fontviews or custom image icons You can display font views or custom image icons as well as each story within your timeline.
  • HTML / Links / Read More: – Show HTML or Read More Inside Timeline You can display links; bold text or a custom HTML tag inside the Timeline story; or you can show one more reading link on the full story page or in any custom URL.
  • Date Format: – Add a date format within the timeline You can present timeline dates within any date format; simply add a date format within your shortcode and it as well as display the date/year in your preferred format. Check out this URL: –
  • Animations: – 15+ Animation Effects Cool Timeline Pro delivers 15+ cool animation effects for a premium timeline design experience.

Download Free Cool Timeline Pro v3.3 – WordPress Timeline Plugin


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