PayPal Button v1.1.0 – WordPress PayPal Plugin

Download Free PayPal Button v1.1.0 - WordPress PayPal Plugin

PayPal Button – WordPress Plugin PayPal Download Free v1.1.0 – CodeCanyon. The Elf site PayPal button provides an easy way to allow your customers to pay through PayPal on your website. With the widget, you can create buttons for single payments, subscriptions, and subscriptions; and include taxes and shipping costs on your payments. Second, set up a smooth and secure payment method for your clients using one of the most reputable payment tools.

Download Free PayPal Button v1.1.0 – WordPress PayPal Plugin

If you like this plugin

You want clients to be able to purchase products or services on your site though Paypal Wish you could set up an easy way for your clients to subscribe to your offers. You want to have a donation button to share any amount of users to your web site. You need a reliable work solution to save your time and money.

What you get with our plugin Single – payment button

Enter the item name and its price – all you need to do is add a payment button to the web site. If this is needed you can specify the tariff and indicate the shipping cost. There is also an option to direct clients to a specific page after each successful transaction.

Subscripttion button

To get a quick and easy way for customers to subscribe to your product or service, simply select the type of subscription period and other parameters.

Repeat for automatic subscription billing

You can continue to subscribe to your clients and get billed. The recurrence options will set up automatic billing for the subscription-based on the selected frequency and payment details.

Donate button

With the ElfSite PayPal button, you can create a quick donation tool on your web site. Choose the donation type button and set a specific donation amount or let the donors decide how much they want to donate.

Different button sizes, shapes, colors and more

You’re free to determine the exact size and shape of a button using a simple scroll bar; Determine what elements will be included, including PayPal tex, Logos, and editable button labels; and customize the color of the button and its elements. You can add or hide popular payment system icons below.

Ultimately responsive widget

We want to make our plugin tailored to your needs and your audience’s needs. That’s why it works perfectly on any device, including tablets and smartphones, and with any display resolution.

Intuitive and flexible editor

Never before has customization been so easy and fast. Try our handy editor and get the look of your plugin that is perfect for your web site in just a few easy steps.

Automatic updates

New features and bug fixes will be automatically installed on your plugin. All you have to do is get a license on the plugin. Automatic updates will be up and running to ensure you have the most smooth experience.

Download Free PayPal Button v1.1.0 – WordPress PayPal Plugin


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