Product Filter v6.6.5 for WooCommerce Plugin

Download Free Product Filter v6.6.5 for WooCommerce Plugin

Product Filter v6.6.5 for WooCommerce Plugin Download Free – code Canyon. Product filter for WooCommerce is the unlimite in one filter for any online store! With advanced filters for your customers and complete control for you, this is definitely a product filter plugin for any WordPress and WooCommerce online store owner. Product filters for WooCommerce prodive unlimited options, so your customers can filter by any and all criteria and discover exactly what they’re looking for!

Setup is quick and easy and you can use the supper-friendly admin user interface to fully customize how your filter looks and works – choose from unlimited formate and display options, configure criteria and filter conditions, and create filter presets. Advanced features, such as receiving fitering and smart fiter analytics, set up product filters for WooCommerce and help take yourstore to the next level, eliminating competition. So whatareyou waiting for?

Product filter for WooCommerce features

  • Simple plugin integrated. Works with the WooCommerce Shop and Product Archive.
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce shortcodes. Supports visual composer elements too!
  • Guttenberg is also suppported! Use WooCommerce Gutenberg product Block with Product Filter!
  • In Stock Support – Stock / Out of Stock Variables are the most widespread in Product Support.
  • Filters by any criteria – price filter, rating, range, meta key filter, labor filter, category and search filter available.
  • For seamless filtering, Ajax is also supported.
  • Awesome admin user interface – Setup your filter in minutes the filter Presets manager.
  • Full customization – Customize filter terms, thumbnails, colors, checkbox layouts, sellect boxes and more!
  • Range filter – Available for pricing and taxes with features. Use a range of numbers in your filters.
  • Adaptive filtering – Show only the remaining terms in your filters, narrowing the filtering criteria.
  • Filter Analytics – Get Insights What your Customers Want!
  • Sidebar and Wdgets WooCommerce Product Filter -Ful support for allthemes in sidebar mode.
  • Automatic updates – Get instant updates via WordPress in a single click! Enter your purchase code on the product filter registration.
  • Translation ready and fu.l WPML support!
Unlimited filters and filter formats

Learn to search for timeconsuming searches and goodbyes! This great plugin lets your customers filter your products by any criteria – categories, featuresm tags, prices, stocks and taxonomy. Each filter criteria is configurable, giving you maximum control over what your customers are filtering and what they see the results for. Layout options include a row, multiple rows, masonry, filter sidebars, and fullscreen filters. You can also create unlimited filter presets and use them with product filter shortcodes or override you store / product archive filters.

And Much More!

Download Free Product Filter v6.6.5 for WooCommerce Plugin


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