Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin v4.2

Download Free Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin v4.2

This table rate mechanism for WooCommerce has the ability to add multiple rates for a given customer based on various conditions set by the administrator. Download Free Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin v4.2.

List of features

  • Terms and prices based on product group based on:
    • In order
    • Unique product
    • Cart line item
  • Shipping class
  • Works with WooCommerce shipping regions
  • Multiple instances are allowed in each zone
  • Extensive list of terms:
    • Subtotal
    • Amount
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Width
    • Tall
    • Of the surface
    • Volume
    • Shipping class
    • Product
    • Division
    • Date range
  • Day of the week weekday
  • Multiple conditions are allowed on each table row
  • Numerous spending options:
    • Flat price
    • Percentage subtotal
    • Multiplied by the amount of weight, length, width, height, surface area, volume
    • Each x number is the currency, weight, dimensions and number of products
  • Multiple spending per row is allowed to create combinations such as:
    • Flat fee + percent for fuel surcharge
    • Base fee and extra weight gain
  • Drag ‘n drop table rows to control the conditions and priority of costs
  • Disable shipping tax in each instance
  • Limit table rate method based on user role
  • Dimensional Weight Calculation (volume multiplied or divided by a certain number)
  • Taxes include Base Subtotal Terms
  • Base subtotal terms with coupons
  • The next whole number is round weight
  • An option to hide this method while the free shipping method is active
  • Please include the description text below the title and price of the shipping option to add more
  • detailed information
  • Choose which method is selected by default
  • If the customer qualifies for the selected method, hide other options in the same manner

Download Free Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin v4.2


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