Download Free Wieldy v1.9.1 - React Admin Template Ant Design and Redux

Wieldy v1.9.1 – React Admin Template Ant Design and Redux Download Free. Wieldy is a fully reactive admin template and starter-kit that follows the ant design concept and applies the ant design framework to develop a responsive application.

It has all the feedback libraries needed to develop a powerful small to complex application in a short period of time.

Not only can Wieldy help you develop as a starter kit, but you can also learn advanced development through React, Redux, Firebase, Router, Redux-Saga, etc. by following our pre-built application architecture.

Assure you of feature updates. We’re adding and updating new cool stuff.

Wieldy now includes HTML, jQuery, and Bootstrap MP3 versions. Please see both demos in detail before purchasing.


  • Reaction 16 .x and Redux
  • TRedux-Saga
  • Feedback Router DOM
  • Ants design
  • Code splitting
  • Loading async
  • HMR
  • Feedback information
  • Firebase authentication
  • Google and M Map
  • Re-charts and eCharts
  • Register of events
  • 200+ Custom Ants Font-Icon
  • Dynamic routing support
  • ES6 with Babel
  • Package management with YARN
Best Practices

  • Perfect folder structure
  • Clear code
  • Well Documentation
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Fully responsive
  • No jQuery is used
Firebase authentication

  • Email Password
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
Built-in complete application

  • Mail app
  • Chart app
  • Communication application
  • To-do app
Packages and Extensions

  • Editors
  • Date picker
  • Color picker
  • Drag
  • Re-charts and eCharts
  • Google maps and amps
  • Exchange
Custom view

  • Timeline view
  • List view
  • Grid view

  • Authentication page
  • Error page

  • Pricing Table
  • Callout
  • Testimonial

Download Free Wieldy v1.9.1 – React Admin Template Ant Design and Redux


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