METRONIC V6.0 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Download Free Metronic v6.0 - responsive admin dashboard template

METRONIC V6.0 – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Download Free. Metronic is a responsive and versatile admin power with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.7 and AngularJS 1.5 framwork.Metronic’s can be use for any kind of web application : Custom admin panel, admin dashbord, e-commerce backward, CMS, CRM, SAS.Metronic is a smooth, clean and intuitive metro and flat balancing design*which makes your next project look nice and still friendly.

Layout Builder

Build and customize your layouts using our quick and easy options directly from your working file.

Integrated with the best Tools

  • package managing using NPM or Bower
  • CSS and JS bunding from selected assets
  • Automated build tools for asset deployment
  • PHP scripts for theme preview and layout builder
  • Angular-CLI and Webpack for Angular version
  • Even more
Enterprise Ready

For rapid development and deployment

Angular 5 Integration

Metronic 5 Angular 5 integration is powered by Angualr CLI and Webpack. Production-ready to conclude full application stack and authentication.

Better Framework Support

Bootstrap 4 support

Fully customized design language to match Metronic’s Theme.

SAAS Support

Maintain all in all your stylesheets with SAAS

Developer Friendly Code

Coded by Developers for Developers

Metronic 5 is written with a code structure so that all developers will be able to pick up easily and fall in love.

Native 3rd Party Plugins

No longer will 3rd party plugins stand out like a sore thumb

All in all 3rd party plugins have been deeply customized to match Metronic’s design language and optimization structures.

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