Traveler v2.7.5 – Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Download Free Traveler v2.7.5 - Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Traveler v2.7.5 – Travel Booking WordPress Theme  Download Free – ThemeForest. Travel – WordPress theme for travel bookings can save you time, save money, save fees , save for online booking travel: fully customizable booking form, flexible online payment, automatic notifications, revenue from affiliate system, with Google Calendar Sync, TripAdvisor Calendar, Airbnb Calendar, Homeway Calendar.

Traveler is not only a travel booking theme, it is a booking engine, a travel website, marketplace, travel agency, tour operator, car transfer, activity / event, hotel booking, room bnb, villa rental, resort rental, flight booking, create affiliate travel website.

With 6+ year of working on travel products, we are confident of bringing you the best products for your travel site with friendly, friendly UX / UI in search engine mobiles.

Theme Features

  • Continue updating with up to 15 pre-made domos and the best optimized UX / UI and interact as well as world travel trends.
  • 400+ flexible options in theme options to help you create dynamic systems
  • Based on our pre-made demo layout, you can define your layout using many of the components built in to create a system in your own way.
  • Help build a marketplace, allow partners / vendors to upload listings for free or for a payment.
  • Fully customizable booking for that can be used on any device as well as the form builder build-in.
  • Form Builder can create different field typses, custom fields required or al , you can create as many fields as you need.
  • Multi-item booking for checkout as well as multiple and-ons, including WooCommerce Checkout.
  • Multilingual language
    compatible with WPML and Arabic language RTL layout.
  • Support membership functions support build-in, partner / vendor can buy for free, paid list uploads as well as a package.
  • As well as a tightly filterable, selectable and searchable booking list, you can configure and layout the site to your liking.
  • Add an unlimited number of attributes for each service, such as creating categories for hotels, tours, cars, hotels, rooms. This feature is embedded in the filter search advance form.
  • Advanced Search Build is very easy to strengthen the searchable
  • Support the location post type for your location build structure. Google Maps includes lat and longitude.
  • There are many services that you can use for your travel site.
  • You can create a Marketplace system or a single site for all the above services.
  • Coupon for one service or all services to compete as well as the business.
  • Multi-language support and checing in as well as the WPML team. We work directly as well as WPML on this team and make sure the point-by-point is 100% consistent.
  • You can use 10 supported payment methods for general bookings: Submit form, PayPal, 2 Checkout, Skrill, Authorize Net, DirectPay.

Download Free Traveler v2.7.5 – Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Demo :


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